Another part of the expansive ProRig capabilities, the Leica C-10 scanner has become a part of our site survey and inspection toolkit.   With this technology, we are capable of creating a fully scalable 3-dimensional scan of most any environment to identify real world conditions.  This point cloud data can be used in multiple applications ranging from new construction, complete theatre and venue renovations to event-specific applications including sporting events and television broadcasts.  With a range of up to 1,000 feet and resolutions as dense as 0.20”, this technology can be used in almost any environment.

Identify the exact locations of:

∞ Sprinkler Systems
∞ Signage
∞ Installed Machinery
∞ Lighting Fixtures
∞ Doors
∞ Mounting Hardware
∞ Camera Positions
∞ Speakers
∞ Rigging Beams
∞ Electrical Conduits
∞ Elevation Changes

If you can see it, the scanner can find it and put it into a precision scaled model.