Another part of the expansive ProRig capabilities, the Leica C-10 scanner has become an incredible part of our site survey and inspection toolkit.   With this technology, we are capable of creating a fully scalable 3-dimensional scan of most any environment to identify real world conditions.  This data can be transferred into a variety of CAD platforms for use in multiple applications ranging from new construction, complete theatre and venue renovations to show specific applications including sporting events and television broadcasts.  With a range of up to 1,000 feet and resolutions as dense as 0.20”, this technology can be used in almost any environment.

Identify the exact locations of:

∞ Sprinkler Systems
∞ Signage
∞ Installed Machinery
∞ Lighting Fixtures
∞ Doors
∞ Mounting Hardware
∞ Camera Positions
∞ Speakers
∞ Rigging Beams
∞ Electrical Conduits
∞ Elevation Changes

If you can see it, the scanner can find it and put it into a precision scaled model.